How to build a powerful law firm website

Law firm websites must have clear website goals and carefully targeted at their high value customers. To create law firm websites, we have to take into account their buyer personas and the customers’ journey.

Every law firm’s website designed and developed by Crefati has the following pages/features:


  • This is where the client will provide an overview of the service
  • The client will communicate quickly and tell exactly what they do and the benefits they bring.
    The homepage will have:
  • Header/Slider – after the nav bar, header comes either as static header with background
    pics or slider showing different pics from the law firms together with
    words/slogans/accomplishments etc.
  • Awards/Recognitions
  • The Law firm slogan/executive summary/elevator pitch.
  • “What We Offer Our Clients” – the law firm here tells exactly what they do/different type
    of services that their customer may benefit.
  • “Who We Are” statements
  • “Why Choose Us”
  • Reviews/Testimonials
  • “Our Team’ or maybe “Meet the Co-Founders”
  • FAQs like :
    QN: How can I determine if your law firm is the right law firm for me?
    QN2: Who will be handling my case?
    QN3: What size cases do you handle?
    QN4: How much does it cost to hire your firm?
  • CTA (form to request consultation)
  • Contacts (phone number/email/location)
  • Footer

The Firm
This is just like the “About” page. Maybe the story of the firm, why they specialize in that field,
some videos, notable victories, etc.

Practice Areas
On this page, the law firm will tell where they specialize. For example Tax Disputes, Cannabis
Litigation, Real Estate Litigation, Procurement Laws, Business Law, and Corporate Counsel, etc.
And the law firm will provide information on each area where they specialize, including what’s
that, knowledgeable, “learn more about how we can help in this area”, blah blah, etc.

This is just like the “Our Team” page, where the law firm will give the info about their staff
(lawyers/attorneys) including their short biographies, CV, emails, etc.

Request A Consultation
This page is a call-to-action CTA where there is a form a person has to fill to request either free
or paid legal consultation. The page will include the form itself, other contacts, and info like
what type of legal advice does the law firm provide (for example, commercial agreement consultation,
business law consultation etc.) but also how much do they charge for each consultation per

This is page is not necessary but if there are open positions like the law firms want to hire
people, or maybe there are interns available/practice training/lawyers then Crefati will include
this page.

Case Studies & Success Case Results
The law firm may add this info to add more trust to people. They can tell us about their cases,
different types of cases that they have won etc.

Resource Center/ Blog
Maybe the law firm can provide downloadable resources as well as articles and other media.
But also they can use this page to demonstrate their expertise and provide answers to visitor

We all know that this page is MUST for every business website.

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