How To Remove “rogueads” Malware From Your WordPress Site

Recently, I was browsing for local news and visited, a respected news source in Tanzania. While the website itself appeared well-designed, I encountered an unexpected issue. Clicking any link redirected me to unfamiliar websites displaying gambling ads and inappropriate content. Concerned, I went on to do a website security check and discovered the cause: […]

5 Essential WordPress Plugins to Supercharge Your Business Website

What Are Plugins in WordPress? Before we dive into the essential plugins, let’s talk about what plugins actually are. Imagine your website as a toolbox, and plugins are like the special tools you add to enhance its functionality. In WordPress, plugins are small software add-ons that you can install to extend your website’s features without […]

Choosing the Perfect WordPress Theme: A Step-By-Step Guide

WordPress, known for its flexibility and easy-to-use interface, is the preferred platform for building striking websites. One key element in creating a visually pleasing and effective website is the careful selection of the right WordPress theme. In this simple and comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the process of choosing the perfect theme for your site, […]

How to Choose the Right Domain Name: Tips & Best Practices

For business owners venturing into the web, the process of choosing the right domain can be both exciting and daunting. In this guide, we’ll unravel the essentials of selecting a domain name that not only resonates with your brand but also acts as a powerful tool in the vast online realm. Understanding Domain Names A […]

The Hidden Costs of Web Hosting: What to Look Out For?

In the bustling world of web hosting, understanding the hidden costs is like having a secret map to navigate the digital landscape. Let’s begin on this journey together and decode the concealed expenses you might encounter in your search for the perfect hosting plan. Why is it so important for you to understand the hidden […]

Managed Vs Unmanaged Hosting Plans: Which is Right For You?

So, you’re ready to launch your website into the vast online universe, but the hosting options have you scratching your head. Managed hosting? Unmanaged hosting? Fear not! In this quick read, we’ll break down the hosting puzzle and help you decide which one suits your digital dreams. Managed Hosting What is Managed Hosting? Think of […]

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Web Hosting Plan for Your Business

In the expansive digital world, think of web hosting as your website’s dream location – where it not only resides, but thrives. Before we dive into making your business shine online, let’s simplify the essentials of web hosting. Ready to discover the perfect spot for your business’s digital success journey? What is Web Hosting? Imagine […]

How to build a powerful law firm website

Law firm websites must have clear website goals and carefully targeted at their high value customers. To create law firm websites, we have to take into account their buyer personas and the customers’ journey. Every law firm’s website designed and developed by Crefati has the following pages/features: Homepage The FirmThis is just like the “About” […]

How to build a forex, investment, or trading/brokerage website?

We understand clearly that a professional, creative, SEO-friendly, and content-rich website is crucial for the success of any Forex brokerage. Crefati creates a website specific for Forex traders to avoid the hassle of keeping track of all their activities running online or offline. We all know that any Forex trading website needs to have a […]

How to build a directory/property listing or classified website like is one of the best online classifieds websites in Tanzania where consumers can sell and buy used and new products. It’s a marketplace for both consumers and sellers. What is an online directory website? A directory website is a website that lists products and services you can browse through. It is one of the […]